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These are the following BRU bunnies available. Not all come with pedigrees.

 NoteNot all of our rabbits that are for sale are listed on this site. Please contact me to see our other bunnies-  bunniesrusrabbitry@yahoo.com  Lots of babies that will be ready for homes soon.

 Litters due March 2014






                                      Jr. Broken Tort.   $65   SOLD

                                    DOB: April 25th 2013

                           Brood/Pet Quality/Show - very cute little girl, just growing in to her ears

                                          Dam: BRU's Perdita        Sire: SS Hilltop's Hash

                                                        (Broken black)      (Broken tort.)



                                                          Jr. Broken Black  $80    SOLD

                        DOB: April 25th 2013

                                                               Pet/4-H/Show/Brood -

    Very cute ears haven't quite flopped yet. Not identified sex yet.  Looks pretty good show wise. High demand for broken blacks- I guess they are really cute ;)

                                Dam: BRU's Perdita          Sire: SS Hilltop's Hash

                                                      (broken black)                     (broken tort.)         




                              Jr. Solid tort. $65   SOLD

                                          DOB: April 25th 2013

  Pet/Show/4-H/brood - very sweet little one. Going to an excellent home.

                                        Dam: BRU's Perdita                              Sire: SS Hilltop's Hash

                                                (Broken Black)                            (Broken tort.)




                                                       Jr. broken black $80        SOLD

                                                     DOB:April 25th 2013

Pet/Show/Brood/4-H - very cute! compact would make a nice show animal as well as pet. Pretty sure its a girl. Its hard to tell on the young ones.

                                                 Dam: BRU's Perdita                Sire: SS Hilltop's Hash

                                                      (broken black)              ( broken tort.)



                                                     Jr. Broken tort. doe    $70      SOLD

                            DOB: April 25th 2013


                      Very sweet personality- would recommend being a pet.

                                     Dam: BRU's Perdita                 Sire: S.S. Hilltop's Hash

                                      (Broken black)             ( Broken tort.)






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